10 things I can’t say to my children

(1) You are so beautiful it makes me want to cry.

(2) Please stuff a sock inside your mouth or go someplace I can’t hear you.  I can’t take all that stupid crying over the fact that you can only have two granola bars and not three.

(3) You look really grown-up in that outfit and it’s scaring me a bit.

(4) I just don’t want to be around you right now.  Or the next few days, really.

(5) Please don’t ever leave me.  Move down the street and let me walk your babies in the wagon and we can talk about books and babies and recipes.

(6) I caught myself singing the Word World theme song during a budget meeting, and I totally blame you for that.

(7) Please remember all the things I do for you, because making bread from scratch is a real pain

(8)  You look so silly in that outfit, and if you’d only let me dress you I promise you’ll look back and thank me someday.

(9) I wish you’d learn to read more effectively because this sounding-thing-out thing is getting really old

(10)               Occasionally, when I’m watching you play, I’m so happy I can’t move for a minute.  Like I’m tipsy on good champagne and I don’t want to ruin the feeling.   Please God, don’t let me forget this moment ever.  Even if I can’t remember the president or how to eat soup.

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2 Responses to 10 things I can’t say to my children

  1. sporepigfish says:

    5) My mother-in-law actually talked to us about this.. but we needed to get a baby for her to take care of first..

  2. Luna says:

    All of what you’ve listed is very true.

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