one liners, part III

Right now, my two-year-old son is speaking in short and very direct sentences like “me eat” and “I do it.”  There is also the ever-so-popular “MINE” and “No night night, mama.  Applesauce.” Although my son’s extreme narcissism and obsession with slapping my face while saying “no hit” at the same time are great fun, for now I’m focusing on what my daughter has said in the last few weeks that bears repeating.  Here goes:

  • “Can you read to my imaginary friends?  I read to them all the time, and they want to hear from someone new.”
  • “So it’s murder to kill someone else but solders can do it in battle and that’s okay?” “Honey!” I yell.  My husband was changing clothes after work. “Your daughter’s got a question for you!” That’ll teach him to come home late.
  • “Charlie said that Texas Tech smells like pee pee, and then William said the University of Texas smells like roses,” she said.  “What did you say to all that?” I asked. “I told him roses stink.” Then she paused for a few moments.  “Well, roses don’t really stink, I know, but some might.  And at least they are very strong smelling.”
  • “For (my brother’s) birthday, I’m going to make him a pretend laptop out of construction paper. But it’s only going to have ten buttons and no mouse.”
  •  “I read the entire book about Davy Crocket and I don’t see why he’s such a hero. But I skipped some parts.”
  • “I have a bug bite on my back and it itches like crazy.  If only it were on my elbow. That would be so much better.”
  • “Did I fail to mention I hate strawberries?  Because right here on my plate I see strawberries.”
  • “It’s just regular milk, I know, but I’m pretending that it’s chocolate.”
  • “I don’t understand why you’re so snappy,” my daughter tells me one morning. It involved me telling her to put on her shoes seventeen-thousand times.  But whatever.
  •  “Guess what? My teacher is having a boy and she is going to name him either Truman or Moses.”  “Really?” I asked.  “Well I don’t really know,” she tells me.  “But that’s what I think she should name him.”
  • “I always want mac-and-cheese.  If you ever wonder, that’s what I want.”

To live in a five-year-old’s world for a day, I swear.

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5 Responses to one liners, part III

  1. NDK says:

    I want to know this child.

    I’m about to go into a meeting at work and am not sure I can stop laughing before then. These are great!

  2. Lori says:

    Ugh. Charlie’s mom sends her deepest apologies…

    • Ha ha! No biggie! Honestly she might have gotten the names wrong, or I could have transposed them. If that’s all they talk about, I say we are doing pretty darn good.

  3. Deidra Riggs says:

    I can’t get past that first one. I’m laughing to hard. Priceless!

  4. Simply Mella says:

    Love it – I wish my mother had kept a list of all of the zany things I used to say and do. I can’t help but think that someday your kids will appreciate knowing that you were not only listening, but appreciating their wit (whether they were intending to be witty or not – ha!)

    (Also – oddly enough, we were discussing the word “murder” from the the 10 commandments in Sunday’s sermon this past week – you can tell your daughter that Bibilically speaking, the term “murder” is from a word that translates to what we would consider something like 1st degree, premediated, hateful killing – but that there are other words in the Bible used to refer to killing, as in battle or war. Just an interesting (well, maybe only to me) little bit.)

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