A letter from the babysitter


Note on my kitchen counter when I came home last night:

Tonight’s Babysitting Experience

  1. Your son fed the dog half his dinner
  2. I should have brought my bathing suit for bath time because your kids are freaking WILD
  3. No one went to bed on time
  4. I let them watch a movie and eat life savers.  I hope you’re cool with that.
  5. Pete’s Dragon is such a lame movie.  And old.
  6. Your son cried for his pacifier, but we couldn’t find it so I massaged his face until he could no longer resist my charms and he fell asleep.
  7. We watched Miss America.  But only the talent portion where the girls played the piano, sang musicals, and performed terrible dance routines. Your daughter clapped for them all.
  8. Miss New York won.
  9. Basically, I’m the worst babysitter ever.

Love (followed by a lot of puffy hearts),


My reaction?  You’re a rock star.

When my son woke up, he went searching the house in hopes that this sitter was now living with us, like a dear friend who came to stay for the Winter.  Which confirms my belief that parents have an obligation to hire very young, hip people to watch their children so that offspring get a glimpse of what cool looks like.

Here’s to another night out very soon. . .

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IMGP4364 - cooking jackrabbit

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22 Responses to A letter from the babysitter

  1. TheGirl says:

    As long as the house didn’t burn down….

  2. My face hurts from laughing.. so dang funny. Please thank her from your readers for her humor…or did she even know we are all laughing with her or with you or not at her but at this… 🙂
    Love coming here..always, elizabeth

  3. Anna says:

    Can I get that sitter’s number??? Good times!!

  4. This is why I let my daughter babysit.

  5. That totally made me smile.

  6. Love this. And you. And the picture. It’s all awesome over here.

  7. Anna Lea West says:

    Very sweet – love #6 🙂

  8. So funny! A typical babysitting night 🙂 so fun!

  9. As a one-time nanny, lifetime babysitter, future mother…. I love that you get what I love about being with kids. They want you to be yourself with them. They want you to be imperfect, they want you to admit that sometimes following the rules doesn’t work, and they want to know that at the end of the day, they’re safe and can trust you. All the other stuff is just FUN. Clean-up can happen AFTER bed time. I spent a whole year as a nanny with the kids convinced I was living a double life as Kelly Clarkson, a la Hannah Montana. Got the best of both worlds right here.

  10. Katie says:

    I love that your babysitter rocked enough to leave such a cool note! Makes me quite dissatisfied with every sitter I ever hired…

  11. kmichel73 says:

    LOL!!! OMG- too freaking` funny! Love this!

  12. sowingmercy says:

    It’s like having grandma in babysitter clothes. I consider it part of the grandparent job description, which I am ready to assume the role of, should I ever get the chance.

  13. instillari says:

    Is that for real? Too funny!!

  14. Yes for young hip sitters. You are so right! When our now twenty-something sons were young they were thrilled to show us their custom “man”icures given by the young babysitter – nail polish and googly eyes glued onto each nail.

  15. wrzesniowska says:

    I love it :-))) I also used to hire only young babysitters… don’t know why… now I know! 🙂

  16. Even though I’m a teenager & I usually watch my brother & sister, I definitely wouldn’t mind at all if THIS babysitter came to my house!

  17. Jason says:

    That’s awesome. Exactly why I keep telling my wife we need to stop worrying so much and get a babysitter more often!

  18. lmgranados says:

    LOL, thanks for posting – great sense of humor . . . you and your babysitter:)

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