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Odd and Curious Thoughts: Celebrity Edition

(1) Every time I look at a gossip magazine in the grocery store I see a column that reads “Stars are just like us!” with a picture of Jennifer Garner at the Farmer’s Market or Gwen Stefani buying her kid … Continue reading

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The Trouble I’ve Seen

Eleven years ago today, a ruddy-faced doctor in a white coat took off his glasses and informed me that there was a raging tumor living inside my eyeball.  News so strange I had to ask for it to be repeated, … Continue reading

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Wednesday Playlist

There are few mediums in art that invoke immediate emotion.  Pictures, whether painted in oil or shot through a lens, may or may not bring up feelings of peace, or nostalgia, or intrigue. Words can move mountains, but it takes … Continue reading

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Pearls of death: a poem

The plastic curves, they pant in tulle and diamonds bright For kitchens gleaming of soapstone Buying and baking and wasting. — It’s a water-soaked culture and fear is a droplet of oil so blend and buy and lust and smile … Continue reading

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I had a dream a few months back that I was dangling on a roller coaster, my hands gripping the sides of a drop-off that went straight down into blackness.  I was in my car with my children, for heaven’s … Continue reading

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Let them eat toast

I’m always annoyed when the host of a cooking show tastes her food at the end of the episode, rolling her eyes back in ecstasy.  Not only does she magically create beef rolls, arugula salad, and a pear tart in … Continue reading

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We are a culture of moving forward.  When tragedy strikes, you ask for prayers and nights out and oversized glasses of wine.  You sob and wail and girl, you let that mascara run.  But then, after the shockwave hits, you … Continue reading

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