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Things I Tell My Six-Year-Old

(1) Yes, I realize that feeding the dog one scoop of food is something we have to do every single day, and this chore is extremely onerous.  But somehow, I know you’ll overcome. (2) Yes, you have lovely teeth. No, they don’t at … Continue reading

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my colorful life

Today, I thought I’d paint a picture of what my life is like.    The big news of the week was that our six-year-old girl lost her front tooth.  I videoed her trying to say “silly sally went to town, … Continue reading

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Here’s to no-good, boring birthdays

  Some Mondays aren’t the best.  This particular one was teeth-grindingly bad.  It just so happened that this Monday was also my birthday, which added to my abounding self-pity.  Birthdays really shouldn’t matter so much to grown-ups.   Just because you … Continue reading

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The Zoo

I apologize in advance for such a long post, but on this one I was a horrid self-editor and just couldn’t bring myself to cut out any details.   Please forgive me! — It all started out so simple.  My … Continue reading

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Infinity, plus one

“I sure love your daddy,” I said to my daughter once as we were walking hand-in-hand though the grocery store parking lot.  Sometimes I do that – say things I’ m thinking out loud.  It often gets me in trouble, … Continue reading

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new beginnings

I quit my job. Well, that’s a bit of a lie.  I walked out of my job as General Counsel for a large and wonderful company to stay home more.  To bake and volunteer and write.  And take the occasional … Continue reading

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10 things I can’t say to my children

(1) You are so beautiful it makes me want to cry. (2) Please stuff a sock inside your mouth or go someplace I can’t hear you.  I can’t take all that stupid crying over the fact that you can only … Continue reading

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Cable is evil. And I love it.

We are living in a quirky old rental while our house is being remodeled. The original place was a single room built in the 1800s with walls eighteen inches thick.  The owners and their forefathers kept adding onto that one … Continue reading

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Last Tuesday night, I ate bad frozen pizza.  I rocked my son to sleep.  I trimmed my nails and waited for my husband to get home from work.  All fairly normal things folks do on Tuesdays.  Until I heard a … Continue reading

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the loom

I feel like a decent mother. After all, my daughter eats her spinach, draws excellent giraffes, makes up songs that rhyme, and announces randomly at dinner that, sadly, Pluto is no longer a planet.  We mothers pat ourselves on the … Continue reading

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