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Odd and Curious Thoughts of the Week

(1) I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about bank names.  I’m sure people pick their bank in terms of location, or online service, but what if we based it on names?  I’d be petrified that Wells Fargo would take … Continue reading

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A mix tape for my daughter

One of the reasons I have been drawn to music is the power it has to take you from flat-out normal to exceedingly sad, or from bored to overwhelmingly happy, in less than four minutes.  And when listening to longer, … Continue reading

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dancing queen

It’s been three years in the waiting.  Three long years of dance practice, ballet shoes, various pairs of tights, and teachers.  Finally, our daughter of almost six years had her first dance recital. And it was miserable. It all started … Continue reading

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one liners, part III

Right now, my two-year-old son is speaking in short and very direct sentences like “me eat” and “I do it.”  There is also the ever-so-popular “MINE” and “No night night, mama.  Applesauce.” Although my son’s extreme narcissism and obsession with … Continue reading

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Advice for my daughter

My dear daughter, You are so precious at this age.  Everything I do is right, and true, and my kisses are like pink bubble gum sparkles on your cheeks.   I am taking it all in that you love me so.   … Continue reading

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Fun times at the pool

The other day, I was sitting on the side of the pool, trying to wrangle a toddler in my arms while my four-year old was scooping mythical ice cream cones and flutter kicking in the water.  Mostly, she just looked … Continue reading

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