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Odd and Curious Thoughts, Downton Abby Edition

(1) I’m fairly certain that no matter what time period we’re floating around in, Miss O’Brien should not have hair curls that resemble horns. (2) That Cora.  Always smiling with her head turned like she was just handed a newborn … Continue reading

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Laugh Until Life Makes Sense

I’m not a big fan of bumper stickers.  I find it odd that people want to display their political sentiments on a used Honda for the world to see.  I find it annoying to have to stare at hateful words … Continue reading

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Olympic Fever

I love the Olympics.  They make you feel and do strange things, such as: (1) Mutter to yourself, after a bottle of vegetable oil topples out of the top cabinet, “Oh man.  So close.  It sucks to fall.” (2)  Hold … Continue reading

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My fancy pedicure

All spring, I’ve wandered around with dry, calloused heels.  I thought it was about time for professional attention, so I bopped over to my favorite day spa.  I say day spa loosely, since it’s really just a Vietnamese nail salon … Continue reading

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Odd and Curious Thoughts of the Week

This is a new series I thought would be fun.  At random times, I will share odd and curious things that entered my mind over the course of the last week.  They have no rhyme or reason to them, except … Continue reading

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My favorite things

Everyone has favorite things.  I’m not talking about a crackling fire or the smell of cut grass, but real tangible things.  And let’s be honest.  Nobody really sits around thinking about raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens.  Who’s thankful … Continue reading

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Twenty Random Things I said to my Five-Year-Old this Week

No, honey.  Mosquitoes are not amphibians just because their eggs float on top of the water.  That doesn’t count. Butterflies don’t make honey.  That’s a job only for the bees. Where exactly are the heart pains?  Show me. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Fun times at the pool

The other day, I was sitting on the side of the pool, trying to wrangle a toddler in my arms while my four-year old was scooping mythical ice cream cones and flutter kicking in the water.  Mostly, she just looked … Continue reading

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