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Fan Mail

So the big important news this week was that Taylor Swift’s fan mail was found unopened in a dumpster.  All those glittery heart raspberry letters wasted, dumped by the used syringes and old saggy diapers.  Someone found them, and THANK … Continue reading

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Laugh Until Life Makes Sense

I’m not a big fan of bumper stickers.  I find it odd that people want to display their political sentiments on a used Honda for the world to see.  I find it annoying to have to stare at hateful words … Continue reading

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Top Ten Ways to Laugh More at Work

I have had my share of crappy, miserable, insanely-awful Tuesdays.  My mornings usually consisted of lukewarm coffee, screaming children, re-heated muffins, and boring NPR stories.  I was stuck in traffic, with bad hair and pants that are an inch too … Continue reading

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Odd and Curious Thoughts of the Week

I’m about to head to the coast for a family vacay, so I thought I’d leave you with these thought-provoking things.  Welcome to a week in my life. . . (1) Stop it already with the swim coaches referring to … Continue reading

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Letters to my agent

Dear Literary Agent, I wrote a lovely novel, and I have no doubt you’ll clamor over your desk and spill your morning coffee just to reach the phone to hear all about it.  It’s about anonymous letters and love and … Continue reading

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Odd and Curious Thoughts of the Week

Recipes are helpful.  Like telling me to use large eggs when making a Bundt cake.  I was just about to grab those tiny little quail eggs that I keep in my refrigerator when I had the forethought to double check.  … Continue reading

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tennis rocks

I thought it might be fun to talk about my insanely awesome athletic skills.  I’m a Texas girl, and everyone here in the Lone Star State should know how to throw a football, identify an offside penalty, or at least … Continue reading

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Twenty Random Things I said to my Five-Year-Old this Week

No, honey.  Mosquitoes are not amphibians just because their eggs float on top of the water.  That doesn’t count. Butterflies don’t make honey.  That’s a job only for the bees. Where exactly are the heart pains?  Show me. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Cable is evil. And I love it.

We are living in a quirky old rental while our house is being remodeled. The original place was a single room built in the 1800s with walls eighteen inches thick.  The owners and their forefathers kept adding onto that one … Continue reading

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This weekend, we went out of town for a wedding.  Weddings are bright and happy, filled with love and flowers and sparkles.  Or in my case, poop and overflowing toilets, with oozing wounds and gas. On the day of the wedding, … Continue reading

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