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Things I Tell My Six-Year-Old

(1) Yes, I realize that feeding the dog one scoop of food is something we have to do every single day, and this chore is extremely onerous.  But somehow, I know you’ll overcome. (2) Yes, you have lovely teeth. No, they don’t at … Continue reading

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Why well-check appointments make me feel like a bad mother

I dread well-check appointments.  It’s not that anything is wrong with my kids, but those darn visits make me feel like an inadequate mother.  But this year, I was prepared. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a list of questions … Continue reading

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Odd and Curious Thoughts of the Week

I’m about to head to the coast for a family vacay, so I thought I’d leave you with these thought-provoking things.  Welcome to a week in my life. . . (1) Stop it already with the swim coaches referring to … Continue reading

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dancing queen

It’s been three years in the waiting.  Three long years of dance practice, ballet shoes, various pairs of tights, and teachers.  Finally, our daughter of almost six years had her first dance recital. And it was miserable. It all started … Continue reading

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kids eat free

I saw it like a beacon of light on my way home from work.  Wednesday Nights.  Kids Eat Free. I’m not usually one for such marketing schemes, but I was tired of coming up with dinner ideas, and Wednesday is … Continue reading

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During the week, my husband and I pass each other in the house as if we’re both servants in Downton Abbey. We give commands and trade off duties and bargain.  You give baths and I’ll read bedtime stories. You change … Continue reading

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This weekend, we went out of town for a wedding.  Weddings are bright and happy, filled with love and flowers and sparkles.  Or in my case, poop and overflowing toilets, with oozing wounds and gas. On the day of the wedding, … Continue reading

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