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Things I Tell My Six-Year-Old

(1) Yes, I realize that feeding the dog one scoop of food is something we have to do every single day, and this chore is extremely onerous.  But somehow, I know you’ll overcome. (2) Yes, you have lovely teeth. No, they don’t at … Continue reading

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Odd and Curious Thoughts of the Week

I’m about to head to the coast for a family vacay, so I thought I’d leave you with these thought-provoking things.  Welcome to a week in my life. . . (1) Stop it already with the swim coaches referring to … Continue reading

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little house, big tears

(my daughter, looking very old fashioned) When my daughter was sick last year, my mom came into town to stay with her so I could go to work.  The old-fashioned, no-cable, non-Disney people that we are, we thought it might … Continue reading

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martha stewart clean

I never thought I’d say this, but thank you, Martha Stewart.   Today, after we returned home from the grocery store with items sitting randomly about the kitchen table, my son grabbed a bottle of bathroom cleaner and waddled off.  … Continue reading

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one liners, part two

Five year olds are officially hilarious.  At least I think so.  Here’s some recent statements said around our house that made me laugh.  I laugh a lot. (1) “You see that?” she asked as she pointed to my son’s privates.  … Continue reading

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Devotional for the screw-ups

Let’s just be honest.  I would NOT be perfectly happy living in a double-wide trailer, trying to decipher smudged expiration dates on ground beef packages in a Wal-mart somewhere in Oklahoma. Not in the land of opportunity.  Not in a … Continue reading

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the hammer

My son has no interest in toys actually meant for one-year-olds.  Just today, I set out a brand new lego table in our home office, all colorful and shiny with balls that roll and legos that fit together.  There were … Continue reading

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